Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama : Anggi Ayudia Larasati
NPM  : 11213005
Kelas: 4EA25

Jelaskan dan berikan contoh!

1.      Past Tense
The Past tense is describes action or events that happened in the past.
Rumus: (+) S + V2
             (-)  S + did + not + infinitive
             (?)  Did + S + infinitive
a.       My father cooked fried rice for me yesterday
b.      I did not sent you a message last night
c.       Did you said something bad to My mother?
d.      When we were kids, we were always eat together
e.       Me and my family moved to Bandung last week

2.      Past Continues Tense
The Past continues tense is to describe we were in the middle of doing at a particular moment in the past.
Rumus: (+) S + to be (am, is, are) + verb – ing + object
              (-) S + was/were + verb – ing + object
              (?)  Was/were + S + verb – ing + object
a.       Martin was reading book when I came
b.      He was eating when I visited him
c.       I was not listening music all night yesterday
d.      Was it being taken when I arrived?
e.       This house was very big when I was child

3.      Present Perfect Continues
The Present perfect continues is used to refer an unspecified time between before now and now.
Rumus: (+) S + has/have been + verb – ing
             (-) S + has/have + not + been + verb – ing
             (?) Has/have + S + been + verb – ing
a.       Chris has been eating since one hour ago
b.      They have been reading those books since one hour ago
c.       She has been feeding fishs
d.      You have not been listening the music all day
e.       Have you been learning english for a month?

4.      Present Perfect Tense
The present perfect is used to describe an activity that began in the past.
Rumus: (+) S + have/has + verb3
             (-)  S + have/has + not + verb3
             (?)  Have/has + S + verb3
a.       My brother have just come back from the school
b.      Has she cleaned her room?
c.       She has not hidden the book
d.      He has driven the car
e.       John has not drunk the alchohol

5.      Past Perfect
The Past perfect is to describe an activity was completed at some point in the past.
Rumus: (+) S + had + verb3
             (-)  S + had + not + Verb3
             (?)  Had + S + Verb3
a.       Had you been there before I came?
b.      Lala had been disappeared from school since a week ago
c.       I had not arrived in the airport when your plane landed
d.      My boyfriend had told me that my book disappeared before you did
e.       I had been too hungry  to wait you yesterday, so I went by myself

6.      Future Tense
The Future tense is describe that an action is in the future relative to the writer.
Rumus: (+) S + will + verb1
             (-)  S + will + not + verb1
             (?) Will + S + verb1
a.       My friends will not visit me
b.      Elsa will wear a new dress
c.       Will we always together?
d.      He will eat my food
e.       They will remember all the memories