Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tugas Softskill 2#

Nama  : Anggi Ayudia Larasati

NPM  : 11213005

Kelas  : 1EA24

Correlative Conjuctions

    A.     Not only ... But also

1.       My food is not only Pure but also Delicious
2.       Do homework not only at Home but also Anywhere
3.       Study is not only Now but also Tomorrow
4.       Your asisstant worked not only Fast but also Quickly
5.       Emi is not only Sing but also Play the piano
6.       He is not only an Actor but also Comedian
7.       Not only Jack but also John miss the book

   B.      Both ... And

1.       That girl is both Small and Little
2.       Her children go to both Ragunan and Safari
3.       I go to the theatre both Tomorrow and Next Week
4.       The soldiers fight both Bravely and Strongly
5.       He both Buys used cars and Sell used cars
6.       The research project will take both Time and Money
7.       Both Uca and Ucul are enjoy fishing

   C.      Either ... Or

1.       Jane is either Sad or Happy
2.       Anna visited either  Bandung or Jakarta
3.       We can either fix dinner for them Here or take them to a Restaurant
4.       He stared at me either Curiously or Angrily
5.       You either Run or the dog Bite you
6.       I’ll take either Chemistry or Math next quarter
7.       Either The Students or The Teacher is planning to come

   D.      Neither ... Nor

1.       Last week party was neither Interesting nor Impressing
2.       Frank go to neither Indonesia nor Singapure
3.       My father play bowling neither Today or Tonight
4.       Mr. Smith is speaking neither Slowly nor Softly
5.       My sister neither Write nor Read
6.       Neither The Library nor The Bookstore doesn’t have the book I need
7.       Neither My Brother nor My Sister is there

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